band saw fence plans


band saw fence plansThis is a T Square Style band saw fence plans. That make set up fast and easy on a small band saw. We made this  out of some scrap oak and hickory we had laying around the shop. If you do a lot of cutting on the band saw then you will like this.

See our page on How to Adjust A Band Saw.




When measuring the length for the side rails , make them about 2″ longer in the back so the square side of the fence can ride farther back. The table already had holes drilled on the sides. So all we had to do is mark where the holes are and drill them. So we could bolt the rails onto the table. Make sure the rails are the sane thickness and they do not sit higher than the table. You will need to counter sink the holes so the T square will slide over them. You need to check the front and back to make sure they are the same width. After mounting you may want to mark and cut for the miter gauge.  Then lightly sand the rails so they are smooth.



When making the fence it needs to be at least  2″ longer than the width of the table with rails. This is so the blocks that make the T will have room to mount. You need to cut 2 pieces the bottom and the front. The bottom needs to be 3 to 4″ wide and the front needs to be 4″ tall. You make this as tall as you want. We made this one 4″ so it could support a taller fence. If we needed to re saw a larger piece. Attach the two pieces together. We drilled and counter sunk holes every 4″ on the face of the fence. Then we added glue, clamp them together and shot the screws.



 After you remove from the clamps, you will need to check it for square. You do this by setting the fence on the table. And put a small square to it, don’t be alarmed if it is not square. I will show you how to true it up on a disc sander.





 If your fence is not square to the table, you can use a disc sander to help true it up. Before you start make sure the table is square  to the disc. Then run the fence through lightly, it is best to sand the bottom of the fence. Then check for square on the band saw, repeat this step until your fence is square to the table.




 We set the fence on the band saw and used a square to  align the fence before we added the T blocks. Once we had it square we then glued and clamped the blocks in place.




 After we camped the blocks in place, we shot two screws to help hold it. We then lightly sanded the inside of the blocks to help smooth it. This makes it easier to run along the rails.




This type of band saw fence is easy to use, all you need to do is measure from the blade and both sides will match up. All you need to do now is clamp it down on both ends and you are ready to start cutting.We hope our band saw fence plans was useful.





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