Coat Rack Plans

  Coat Rack Plans simple to make

coat rack plansThis coat rack plans is an easy woodworking project and the only tools needed are router + bit , drill, miter saw and screws driver.

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     Before you can decide on the length of your coat rack. You need to know how many hooks you want and the space between each one. On this one we choose six coat hooks with a spacing of 8″ on center. And 4″ space at each end. That works out to be 48″. You can make the spacing any size you want. So if you only had space for a 36″ just make your spacing 6″. You would still have six coat hooks they would be closer together.
When measuring to cut the ends divide into 3 parts with the center being longer than the two ends. We used a 1 x 8 so the size was 3″ center  with two 2.5″ at each end. If you us a 1 x 6 then the size would be three parts at 2″ each. Then cut the two outside ends at a 45 degree. You can cut a little at a time off of each end until you get the look you are after. Or you can leave the ends square if you don’t like the beveled look.

  Profile Bits

On this coat rack we used a raised panel bit for the profile. But you can use any profile you want. Just remember to cut the end grain first so you can remove any tare-out that you might get. And do several passes instead of trying to cut it all at one time.



This is the finished edge, now time for the hooks. Mark the location of the coat hooks, put the hooks in place and mark the screw holes. This is so you can pre drill the holes for the screws. The screws that come with the coat hooks are not very strong. And will break or strip out if you try to run then strait in.


We lined up the coat rack in the place we wanted to hang it. We found and mark the wall studs, the drilled two holes using a 3/4″ countersink. This so we could use a plug to hide the screws.



A few coat racks we made