Drafting Table Plans

Drafting Table Plans    This diy drafting table plans  is a great woodworking project for the beginning woodworker. We made this one in two hours. Sits on top of a table or desk then folds up for easy storage. If you need a portable drafting or drawing table this would be the one to make. With our easy to follow drafting table plans you can make this in a few hours.

We will show you how to build a  drafting table, that can be easily stored when not in use and takes up very little space. This was made out of scraps we had and all made out of cabinet grade plywood. Do not use construction grade plywood it warps easy and not very smooth.

Like everything else drafting tables will become a thing of the past. But we found a free 3-D program you may want to check out.

We have used it with good results, go to our blog for more on freecad.  FreeCad

See some of the plans we used freecad on Country Kitchen Island


Table saw          Pocket Screw Kit          Clamps         
 Screw Driver          Tape measure          Iron      


    You can cut this to any size you wish but we made this one 24 x 16″ and we cut the leg 1″ smaller so it will not stick out past the edge. When cutting the top make sure it is square on all sides. And don’t use anything courser than an 80 tooth blade to keep from chipping the edges. 



     After the wood is cut the next step is band the edges of the plywood. We used the glue on edge banding its quick and cheap and if you take your time will look nice. If you have never used the glue on banding you can see more by going to  EDGE BANDING for a quick view.


    Once you have banded the edges of the plywood. Your next step will be to drill the pocket holes to attach the bottom rest. You don’t have to use pocket screws. You can just glue the bottom rest on but if the glue fails the rest will fall off. Pocket screws with glue will give it a little more strength and help keep the top from warping.




     Now that the pocket holes are drilled add your glue to the bottom of the table. Then add clamps to hold the bottom rest in place. Using clamps to hold the rest. It will keep it from pushing apart when the screws start to go in. When finished it should look like the picture.




    When installing the folding leg you will need a hinge we used a piano  hinge to give a little support. Start by placing to top on its face, make sure the surface is clean. And smooth so it will not dent or scratch the face of the table.  Install the hinge about 5 3/4″ from the top. Once in place put the leg 1/2″ from edge or even on both sides of the top. Make sure the angle is facing the with the high point facing the top.



     After finished the table should sit as shown in the picture with the angel of the leg sitting flat against the table. This top works great for drawing plans or ideals to use in the shop. If you need a harder surface you can add a melamine or a hard board.



    When you are finished using the drafting table , just stand it up and the leg will fold down. Now you can store it beside your desk without getting in the way.