drawer organizer diy

drawer organizer diy

drawer organizer diy  Drawer organizer diy are a great way to keep socks and under garments organized. And with the use of cedar will give a nice aroma as well.  Will also make a great weekend project for the average woodworker without a lot of expense. Can be made to fit any drawer. And any size cubby to fit your needs. If you like cedar and you like to keeping everything organized then this will be great to have.





 Drawer organizer diy  cutting wood

I used 1 X 6 X 4 ft rough lumber to cut this out and only used a table saw, the high I needed was 2 1/5″ tall so I got  2 pieces  Then you will resaw  to 3/8″thick anything smaller will break under use  I used my table saw and a 80 tooth blade I had very little sanding. Using the template below I cut the length. I have two sections on for the top and one for the bottom. They both will be the same size. I do it this way so I can put the best side down. And to make sure I made all the cuts needed.




laying out templets

 The first thing you need to do is lay out a template the same size of the drawers you want to put in dividers. The on shown here is 3 1/2″ x 2/12″, you cam make them any size you need. I used my sanding table to lay out mine. You can even use some scrap wood and make a frame the size needed.
   I then place the boards on the line I want to mark. Mark the over all length as well as the each cross piece. You will have a top and a bottom section. All the top will use the lines  going in the same direction. and the bottom will use the opposite  direction. Once the length and dado’s are marked you are ready to cut.

Cutting dados

After all the wood is marked I set up the dado for the table saw to cut 3/8″ slots at each mark. You will cut them half the size of the board on each piece. After you cut a few try to fit them together. This way you know you have a good fit and will not needed to re cut anything.

When all the dado’s are cut, assemble together they should fit snug. Set the fence on the table saw to the drawer size. Standing to the side of the saw  slightly pull to the fence and cu to size. This will all so give it an angle to rest against the inside of the drawer.

 drawer organizer diy

Now that its all done it should look something like this. A great clothes drawer organizer. And using cedar will give a nice smell and keep the bugs out at the same time.