Home Improvement Ideals

A Few home Improvement Ideals

Just a few Home Improvement Ideals that we wanted to share with you. Staining an old brick fire place and installing crown molding the easy way. And installing over head storage. To ceiling improvements using architecture molding


A good way to spruce up that old and wore out fireplace. A very easy and inexpensive Home Improvement Ideal.

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This is a nice Home Improvement Ideal. We added this closet and the costumer wanted over head storage. So we added a six foot wide two an half foot deep and six foot tall closet. We then made three 30″ x 24″ cabinets and placed then on top. Works great for blankets and items you don’t need every day. We then made a shelf divider with adjustable shelving. On the left side we added two half closet rods for shirts and pants. and the left we put in one closet rod for longer items such as dresses or coats.





Adding column to a room can give it that open feeling that we some times look for. In some older homes that was the way they where built. So we decided to remove a wall and add columns . It cost around $300 in supplies and a weekend to install. Instead of a wall with a three foot door way. We went with two half walls with columns  and a four foot entrance. This is just one way to open up a room and give it that open felling . This is not a weight baring wall, make sure you check yours before you start.






  If your looking to spice up that plain ceiling, molding my be the answer. I bought some architecture molding at one of the improvement stores. I installed it two feet off the wall and added can lights in each corner. And then painted the inside the




molding a ceiling white. The outside of the molding I painted a clay tone and the walls an almond. Gave it a good contrast with the three colors . Mounted a ceiling fan in the center and I was finished. This was a low cost do it yourself project.  There is a lot you can do with molding this was just one of many.




Tips on Installing Crown Molding

This Home Improvement Ideal will lessen your stress. When installing crown molding , home owners become frustrated trying to cut the  mitered corners. Ruining several pieces of molding, but with these crown corner blocks any one can install crown molding. When I installed this molding in a bathroom. I bordered the bath tub by installing flat wall blocks  on the outside of the tub. See picture three. Then I installed the four inside corner blocks. After all the blocks are up just measure and cut the crown to fit inside the blocks nail. Caulk and then paint. These blocks will enhance any room in the house. See pictures one and two.  So if you are afraid to cut crown or don’t have the tools. These blocks are the way to go.  If you need more info. E-mail me  at allens@allenswoodworking.com
They come in plain corners also to match your crown.