Table Saw Sled Plans

How to Make a Table Saw Sled

Table Saw Sled Plans  Our table saw sled plans. A great table saw sled for the small shop, two sleds in one. A miter and a cross cut in one sled. Handy when making  picture frames jewelry boxes or any other small project you may have. When not in use you just have one sled to store. Saving space if you have a small shop. Or just don’t have the room to store a lot of sleds and jigs. You may want to consider this combo miter and cross cut table saw sled plans.

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Cut list for table saw sled plans

     Use cabinet grade plywood for the base and miter block, this will help keep it from warping and for the top and bottom rails as well as the two runners use hardwood. This will help reduce wear and the sled will last longer.




 Fit and Assembly of the Runners

   After cutting the parts you will need to fit the runners to the guides on your table saw, they need to fit as close as possible with no side to side movement. The accuracy will depend on the fit of the runners so take your time to get a good fit. And make then the same depth, you don’t want them to be higher than the table saw.

  When your done fitting the runners. Place them flush to the top of the table saw. Now take the the 3′ x 2′ plywood and place on top and mark the center. The saw blade will cut here when done. Once you have it in place mark the position of the runners and then remove the plywood. Add glue to the runners and carefully placing the plywood over the runners. Make sure the runners and plywood are flush to the top of the table saw. Fasten them down with screws are use a brad nailer. Then remove and clean up any glue that may be on the saw and the sled. Check to make sure the sled runs smooth and has no side to side play in it.


  Top Rail  

  Turn the sled over and add glue to the top rail and put in place /add clamps to hold the rail  flush to the edge of sled as shown. Using screws or brads fasten down the top rail the remove clamps. We use a 4″ tall rail on this one because it will not be cutting anything thicker than 2″. If you plan on cutting larger wood you will need to make the rails taller. At least 2x larger than the wood to be cut.
Do not add the bottom rail at this time.




 Setting the Miter Block in the table saw sled plans

  After the top rail is in place set the sled in the table saw and cut half way threw the sled. Placing a square against the blade mark a line where the bottom of the miter block will go. This mark will not be accurate it is just a starting point. And make sure you have enough room at the tip to cut the size of wood you plan on using. 2 to 4″ works good for most small projects.




  Place the miter block on the mark you made with the peak inline with the saw blade, then fasten down with screws or brads only put one on each side of the blade. Then make a test cut on each side and check the miter cut. If it is not a 45 degree the move one side up or down then cut again. If you are using screws do not reuse the old hole. But use a new one each time you move the block. Or the block will go back to the same position.

  If you use brads then just  tap it to move it up or down then shoot one more brad. Once you get a good 45 degree on the cut piece. You will need to cut 4 pieces to make a frame. This will tell the tail if it is set correctly. Cut one end on one side then use a stop block on the other side then cut the other end. Remember that all the pieces must be the same length. If the frame has no gaps at the miter joint and the frame is square. Then permanently fasten down the miter block.

   Setting rail for cross cut

Before you can set the rail you will need to run a line from both sides of the miter block down to the end of the sled, then cut the rail 1/2″ shorter so if don’t go past the lines. This will allow you to cut longer miter piece. Now place the rail between the lines and put a screw at each end, cut a test piece. I use a small piece of scrap plywood about 8″ x 8″ and you will make 5 cuts. Then measure each side, the top and bottom should be the same and the each side should be the same. I found a video that explains how to adjust for a perfect cut.


After you are finished mounting the rail. You will need to add a couple of blocks to the back side of the bottom rail for safety. This is because the blade will come through the back side when doing cross cuts. I just added two piece of  2 x 4  center to the blade and works good. I have seen others make a box its up to you on how you do. It just make sure you add something to keep the blade from being exposed. I hope our table saw sled plans helps.

A good video on setting your cross cut.

5 Cuts to a “Perfect” Cross-Cut Sled