Taper Jig Plans

Taper Jig Plans


Taper Jig Plans These Taper Jig Plans will help you make a jig that you can use to cut the tapers on some table legs as well as flat work. This jig works great when making new table legs or doing a occasional repair. And is another tool you can use on your table saw.  Easy to make and easy to use. And you can find the parts at most local hardware store.

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Parts List for the Taper Jig Plans

You will need 2 pieces of any type of hardwood 2″ x 2″ x 2′ 
Small hinge
Friction Hinge the type you would use to hold open a chest lid






 Mount the small hinge to the bottom of the 2 x 2s  as shown. Mount it the same way you would do a lid on a box. You may want to drill  pilot holes first. The brass screws are not very strong and strip easy .






After you mount the hinge, measure 6″ down  on the side that will slide against the fence on your table saw, you will need to cut a notch out for the friction hinge. Make sure it will be at a depth that the bracket will not rub against the fence. Once cut shoot the two screws in place. Then with the jig closed attach the other bracket to the top of the outer  2 x 2





Now you can attach the handle on the side that is against the fence just make sure the location is comfortable to use. Next take a small piece of scrap and attach to the bottom of the left side. This will be so the work piece will ride against when cutting the taper. You can see it in the picture its the dark red block at the bottom. Now your ready to cut tapers on your table saw. It should take about 20 min to make. I hope our taper jig plans helps