Toy Box Plans

Toy Box Plans

In this toy box plans we will teach you how to make a toy box. It is simple to make. And can be used as a blanket chest or just a plain storage chest. With its rustic old fashion look it would look good in any room. And will make a great weekend project if you choose to make one yourself. We will walk you through the steps we used to make it. And tell you some different ways to do some of the steps. With a few tools anyone can make this toy box. The one shown was made using pocket screws then added a liner over them. 




Tools Needed

Table saw or circular saw with jig / pocket screw jig / drill and small bits / glue / clamps / screwdriver / sandpaper /


Making the side panels in the toy box plans can be done one of two ways. You can just glue the together using a butt joint or you can use pocket screws with glue. By using pocket screws you cut out the drying time it takes for glue to set.  Allowing for faster assembly. If you do a glue up without pocket screws. You will need to let the glue set up before you can assemble. But you will not have to use a liner or plugs to cover up the pocket screws. On this box we used pocket screws then added a 1/4 ” plywood liner.

If you use pocket screws try to place the holes in an even pattern. So the holes are in a strait line. This will give a professional look if you use plugs to cover the holes. You will still need to add glue the the edge of the boards. Before you shoot the screws. I like to use clamps to hold the work pieces in place then shoot the screws. The clamps help holding the the wood so it doesn’t move. We use this method on all the panels.


 After all the panels are finished add glue to the edges of the short end panels. And place the to the inside of the larger panels and add clamps to hold in place. When the top and edges of the panels are flush we shoot the screws. If all the edges are cut square the box should be square when finished. If it is not then you can add a clamp from corner to corner to make an  X. Adjust until the box is square then shoot the screws.






Now that the box is finished it is time to install the floor. We used 3/4 plywood for the bottom  with a 3/4″ brace attached to the box. You will start by ripping strips of wood  3/4 x 3/4″. This will go on the inside bottom of the box. You will need to measure  then cut to fit, you can use a butt joint or a miter joint .
Then evenly drill pilot holes about every 8″ and use a countersink. You will use 1 1/4″ wood screw once attached then cut the plywood. Using the wood screws fasten the plywood to the brace. The box is now awaiting legs, liner and trim. Now on to cutting legs in  the toy box plans.    


  When cutting the legs you will have one side wider than the other, this is so both side will be the same  once they are glued up.  There will also be a left side and a right side. Always have the side with the joint facing the side or the end of the box. This will make a cleaner look when you are facing the toy box. After the two pieces are glued together, cut the angles for the feet. We measured 1″ from the outside edge. And 2″ up from the bottom then cut both sides. This gives it a nice look on the finished toy box.






After the legs are finished we add glue to the inside of each leg. And attach them to the box using clamps to hold them in place. Make sure the legs are flush to the top of the box. Then use 1 1/4″ wood screws and screw them to the inside. Using three screws should be fine. You will need to drill a countersink on the inside. So the screw heads will be flush on the inside of the box.

 After the legs are attached it should look like the picture of the toy box plans . Note that the angels of the feet are just below the bottom of the wooden box. You can make the height any size . This one is just under 2″. Now we are ready to put on the trim , line the box and make the lid. ​


We added trim at the top and bottom of the box, on both sides and the front. This gives it a full look and you still have plenty of room. To add a picture or any other design you may want. Not shown in the toy box plans.
To add the trim just ripe down  some of the 34″ stock to 1 1/2″, then cut to length. Attach the top trim flush to the top of the box. And the bottom trim flush to the  bottom of the box. Add glue and secure with clamps. It is important to keep the top flush on all sides. So you can add the vainer to trim the top and cover the edges.




Adding the Liner

In this version of our toy box plans. We added a liner to cover the pocket screws and. Give it a clean professional look, you can use wooden plugs for each of the pocket screws. Then trim and sand them down, but we like the looks of the liner over the plugs. Just install the floor first then the sides it will hide the edges better.  



To trim the top we ripped a piece  1/4″ thick and a little wider than the top edge. We cut the front corners at a 45 degree then glued them in place. After the glue set we sanded the edges flush . This really made a big difference in the looks as you can see. One thing to remember is to use pads when clamping. It is easy to dent the surface.





When measuring for the lid. Make sure it is flush to the back and 1/2″ over hang on the front and the side. Sand when your gluing together look at the end grain. And make sure that each is opposite than the one beside it. This will keep it from warping so easy. We all so added braces on the inside of the lid. We did this for added strength  and to give it a rustic look.




When mounting the lid we used a piano hinge. And attached it to the back of the lid and the box. Then we put two lid supports one on each side for added strength. And this is how you make a toy box. We hope you liked our toy box plans.​  




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