Woodworking Videos


woodworking videos Woodworking Videos, sometimes we all need a little help. It may be a problem with tools or techniques. But this you can count on someone somewhere has had the same problem. So you’re not alone. We will be doing videos and articles on how to overcome these problems. If we can’t answer it for you we will find someone that can. by all means just shoot us an e-mail, with your problems and we will try to get you an answer.
Here you will find our links to videos on shop tips and techniques. For the purpose of to help develop the skills of beginning wood workers. By sharing what we have learned over the years.  If you have a tip that you found to be useful and would like to share. Please send us and e-mail so we can post it for others to see. 

Woodworking Videos

Videos for the Shop

small dehumidifier wood kiln


How to adjust a band saw


In this video we will show you how to adjust a band saw to help eliminate drift. Along with safety tips.

How to cut 3-D with a table saw


Video on how we cut the 3-D pattern by using a table saw. This is how we made the 3-D effect on our coat racks.

Blue Max Band Saw Tire installation


Tool cabinet for under $50


Video on how you can make this tool cabinet for under $50 using pocket screws and plywood


How to Adjust a Band Saw


How to buy an air compressor 

Tips that you need to know and including recommendations on setting up your first air compressor,
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Woodworking Videos 

Gun Cabinet Plans


Kitchen Island part 1

kitchen island plans

How to Make a Country Kitchen Island

How To make a country kitchen island

Face frame with pocket screws

Video on how to use pocket screws to make face frames for cabinets using the Kreg Pocket Screw Jig.

How to use Glaze Coat

Video on how to use glaze coat, we show tips when you are using Glaze Coat.

Garage Workbench


Glue on edge banding

This is a video on an inexpensive way to cover the edges of plywood when you are making shelves.

Wood Machines 

 Duplicating machine 

Video on our duplicating machine and how it can copy table legs and still do flat work.

Wood Milling / Duplicating Machine

New Home made wood milling machine

cnc spindle vs router sound test

Cutting barley twist table legs


How to do 3-D on a table saw with a miter sled


Brick Fireplace makeover