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We have 3 workbench plans in this article. With PDF downloads and adding videos



Workbench PlansOur garage workbench plans can be made many different ways. This garage workbench is great for storing long pieces of lumber. Or large bulky items that cant go on a shelf. With no legs to get in the way and you still have a strong bench top to do work on. In fact this garage workbench requires little skills and only a few tools. Certainly it would be great for a home owner or someone just starting woodworking.

On this workbench we added a offset so we could put a miter saw in the middle. That way we can use the benches on both sides to hold  long boards when we cut them. For instance this makes it easy to handle long boards. And one of many things you can do to make this garage workbench work for you.

​ On the positive side the cost to make yourself  around $100, and a weekend of your time. In other words you can save a lot of money by doing this yourself. Remember this is a workbench not a storage bench so don’t overload it. For example it will be fine to put bench top machines and light to med work .

A short video on one of our workbench plans. We will be adding more soon so check back often and please share with your friends.

Workbench Frame

 Before you start to cut you will need to find the wall studs. And mark the location then measure between centers.The cross braces will be at the outside edge of the wall studs. This will allow the bottom of the workbench supports to attach to the wall studs. And the top of the workbench supports will attach to the side of the cross braces
Start by taking  2- 2 x 4 x 8 put on edge and mark 16″ centers. Or what ever your wall studs are for 4 to 6 cross braces. If you want a 24″ wide workbench as you see here. You will need to cut 6 to 8 cross braces  21″ long. place braces on center mark. And one at each end then use 3″ screws and put two screws in each brace at both ends. You are ready to attach to the wall.

Attaching Workbench frame to the wall

If your floor is level just measure up 36″ minis the thickness of the top. And place a mark at both ends of the workbench location. Using a chalk box  chalk a line  to both marks . This where the top of your workbench will go.
Place the workbench  frame at the line and drive in two 4″  lag bolts in each wall stud.  Then cut two scrap pieces for temp supports. Place a level on the frame and level both length and width and attach the temp supports. Now you are ready to make the workbench supports.


 Garage Workbench  Plans Supports

​Before cutting the workbench supports you need to cut  the blocks that the supports will sit on . You need one for every workbench support. Using 2 x 4s cut them one foot long and attach them to the bottom of the wall studs. Then measure from the block to the inside front of the workbench frame, cut all the supports that length. At one end little off center cut two 45 degree angels as shown.


Place the support on the block as shown making sure it rest against. The wall and on top of the block. Then mark the top of the workbench support from the top of the frame. Cut it and use this piece as a pattern to make the others. Once cut put them in place and attach with two 4″ wood screws. At the top and two toe nailed at the bottom.

When all the supports are in place you can tack off the temp supports. All that is left is to cut and put on the plywood. When ripping the plywood mark 24″ and cut in the center of the line. And flush to the front of the workbench. Then use 1 1/2 wood screws every 8″ along the front. Now you are finished. Masonite you will need to use contact cement to attach. Then  you can trim the front for a nicer look and easy to clean.


The drop down bench we used for the miter saw is made the same way. For instance you just lower it the same height as the table of the miter saw.
The Garage Workbench is really nice if you have a lot of large items that cant go on a shelf. With the garage workbench you can have storage and a work bench at the same time.
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Free Standing Workbench Plans

Workbench PlansThis workbench can be places in the center of your work space and work from either side or placed against a wall. You can add draws under the top and vises on any side or end even on top. And you can add a shelf underneath that can hold a lot of woodworking accessories. This workbench can be made in one day. And is a great woodworking project for someone just starting out and on a budget. This workbench has a top that is 3″ thick and will hold up to years of abuse. Hammering, clamping, gluing. Made mainly out of 2 x 4s  with the shelf made with 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood. So you could call it your 2 x 4 workbench.

Material List

7 -2 x 4 x 8 / 1 sheet 1/2″ or 3/4″ Plywood / 1 sheet Masonite ( optional )
12 1/4″ or 3/8″ lag screws screws / 1 pound 2 1/2″ wood screws / 2 pound 1 1/2″ wood screw
This is for an 8′ section

Miter Saw Table Saw or joiner Drill Tape Measure Square Clamps
The tools needed for the workbench are few and has no fancy joinery.
12 – 1/4″ x 3″ lag bolts / 1 lb 4″ wood screws /1/2 lb 3″ wood screws / 1/2 lb 1 1/2″ wood screws
construction adhesive Socket for lag bolts



The feet shown here is for a 24″ top and we made the feet 20″. So it does not stick out past the top. This will reduce trip hazards. If you make the top wider then you may want to make the feet wider as well.
Note that there is no measurement for the inside center. You will need to measure this piece to make sure that it fits tight with no gaps. You will need one piece of 1/2 or 3/4 plywood for the shelf. Should be 16″x 6′ cut to fit when ready.​  




Once all the pieces are cut you can start to assemble. You can use a good construction adhesive if you want. Place each piece as shown and clamp in place. Then take a square and place on the foot and square up the legs. Once square shoot two 3″ self drilling screws in each leg. And two screws in the center.Put one screw at each end for the outside center piece. Do this on both sides of each foot.



 Place the shelf supports on the inside of each foot and shoot two 3″ screws into each end. Keeping the supports flush to the outside of the legs. Now you are ready to put on the ply wood on top of the supports( not shown). Use a good 1 1/2″ wood screw spaced out every 8 to 10 inches. If you are going to put something extremely heavy you may need to put in cross supports.
Now you can add the top supports, lay them flat on top of the legs. Place them even on both sides and shoot two 3″ lag screws into the top of each leg.





You will need 4″ screws and construction adhesive for this part. Start by  putting a bead of  adhesive between three boards then clamp them together. Shoot two screws one at each end  on one side then shoot two more screws on the opposite side. But  place them about two foot apart on each side of the center. After this you will do one board at a time. Add adhesive clamp and shoot two screws at the end. Do the same for the next board but shoot theses screws in the center . Repeat this until all boards are glued up and screwed down. When finished sand the top smooth.


 Before you start you will need to cut 1/4″ off of each edge of the  2 x 4 and that is because the  edges are rounded and will not make a flat surface. Once cut lay out on saw horses the way you will be putting them together with the cut side up.




 When the top is ready set it on top of the base then center it equal on both sides and ends. Take the 1/4″ lag bolts and put two at each end . Place bolts 2″ from the end of the support and tighten them down.  No finish is required. But if you plan on gluing up projects on the bench. You may want to at lest wax it down good. This will help keep the glue from sticking to your workbench. 

Home Workbench Plans

PDF plans for the home workbench, please let us know if you have any problems downloading them.

Download File

A simple Home Work Bench for the garage or work shed easy to make and on the cheap$$$.If your looking for a good workbench to do general work  and easy to build with minimal tools this could be the one for you. You can have Lowe’s or Home Depot cut the wood for you they offer this service for a cheap price. Even if you have the tools to cut the material I would still have them cut it for me. Then all you need to do is put it together.
This bench is 8′ long and 24″ wide  with 3/4 ” plywood top and 2 x 4 frame. We used wood screws instead of nails this makes for a stronger workbench.
Drawing is not to scale.


Bench Top 3/4 plywood           1 pc  24″ x 96″
Shelf  Top  3/4 plywood            1 pc  21″ x 90″
Top Frame Front & Back           2 pc  2 x 4 x 96″
Top Brace                                    6 pc 2x 4 x 21″
Shelf Frame Font & Back         2 pc 2 x 4 x 90″
Shelf Brace                                  4 pc 2 x 4 x 18″
Legs                                             4 pc 2 x 4 x 36″   
 Once the lumber is cut you can start to assemble the top frame and the shelf frame . Lay out the boards as shown in the picture. The spacing should be around 16″ centers for the top and 24″ centers for the shelf.  Place two screws per brace on both sides as shown. Do not try to cut back on hardware by just using one screw. Two screws in each end will keep the braces from turning.



 After the top and shelf frames of the workbench are put together it is time to attach the shelf to the legs. Start by marking each leg one foot from the bottom this is where the bottom of the shelf will go . Then attach the legs to the outside end of each corner. Use the 2 3/4″ wood screws and put two screws to each leg.. Now you can put the plywood on the shelf frame and use the 1 1/2 inch wood screws. Space 6 – 8 inches apart and keep the ends flush with the frame. Do the same with the top frame.

Once the ply wood is on take the top and place it over the legs. Each leg should fit to the inside corners. Make sure the legs touch the plywood now shoot two 2 1/2 inch wood screws into each leg. Finished. We hope you liked our workbench plans page. Please hit the face book like at the top of the page Thank you

Workbench Height

Workbench height will depend on the use and the height of the person using it. When laying out to build your work bench you must look at what it will be used for. And what would be a good working height for you. Lets say a good working height for you is 36″. And you want to put a bench top sander on it and the sander is 10″ tall. If you put it on a bench that is 36″ tall. It will make the working height of the sander 46″. So you will need a bench height of 26″ to make it easier to work on the sander.

The same would work if you needed a bench to assemble large woodworking projects. For example a bench to high will make it hard to work on. Or you are working with a small project that requires a lot of detail work then a bench. To low may give you a back ache if working for long periods of time. You must also consider if you are standing or sitting. You may need a bench that you can do both. That being said the first thing you need to do is find the height that beast fits you. Then make your work bench to meet your needs.
​  To emphasize that a workbench to high or low may cause discomfort. And be a safety hazard if you are going to use it for a lot of different types of projects. Then think about making or buying  a adjustable bench. Above are three workbenches we have made. If you choose to make one you will need to make the height to fit your needs


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